Artsy Crafty Day

Sunday I went to my friend Karen’s house to play with polymer clay. I have never done this before and wow what fun we had. Karen does her work freehand style and has her own business called Dimples Jewelry. These are for sale and will be on display at our up coming art show. These are some of her pins.

She does awesome work and uses silver clay too. Because this is real silver in clay form she sells them by weight. I think most of the silver ones are necklaces.

I learned alot from her although my first attempt I used molds. I will not be using these for jewelry. All two of my blog friends will have to wait for the completed project whenever I get it finished!

After we went to Margaritas for dinner. They don’t have a liquor license, just when I was craving a Margarita, so I opted for a diet coke with a side of Chicken Chimichanga. Leftovers for lunch today were very good.

I spoke to Karen earlier and she said Hobby Lobby was having a sale on their clay. Guess where I am going Wednesday!


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