Chicago Shopping via Bus

wowser, what a weekend. I am pooped. Friday = too excited to sleep. Saturday 6:20am = overslept and ran out the door, no makeup, hair a mess and I had to pick up sissy before boarding a bus full of chatty Kathys at 7am. Did I mention I am not a morning person? More about the trip later but I have to throw in what happened when we got back to the parking lot Sunday night.

It was 9:30pm. I had 6 big bags full, my sister about the same, we had been shopping for 2 days straight and all I wanted to do was go home. MY CAR WOULDN’T START. So after a half hour of trying, I gave up and sissys hubby came and got us. We had to move all our bags to their car and they took me home. I called my mechanic, who informed me the remote car starter was acting up- I knew it! I had to get a ride back to my car this morning so I could take it to the place that installed it. An hour away. This thing has been has been there 4 times in the last year. I was not happy.

Why do men think that women are ignorant when it comes to automobiles and never take our word when something is malfunctioning? The guy actually wanted to uninstall it because he was sure there was something wrong with MY CAR. And then bring it back to reinstall it after I got the car fixed. WTF? After describing to him (in depth) he finally decided it simply needed resetting. I was all, cool, show me how and I can do it myself next time. He tried and tried and HELLO. He couldn’t reset it. The remote starter was F-up.

He said it would take a half hour to replace it with a higher end model at their cost. Guess what! I was 5 minutes from “B”s house. So a quick phone call and a few minutes later we were sitting in Panera having lunch. After picking up my car, I followed him back to his place. He mowed his grass while I swept his garage. Then we went to take photos for his work. The last house was a foreclosure requiring inside shots. I have never been in a home that stunk so bad. I covered my nose with my sweatshirt the whole time trying to filter out the stench and I narrowly kept the gag reflex under control. Cat urine on carpet. Nothing like it.  Just before we left “B” decided to check out the porch, which I thought was odd. He never takes pictures of the porch. He peed out there, on the cement, on the porch.


sneak peek of a little purchase, well, size 10 little.



One thought on “Chicago Shopping via Bus

  1. j just drove home from up north today and told me he had to pee so bad, he peed in a cup and threw it out the window when he could pull over

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