Halloween Trick or Treat?

I suppose it’s how you look at it. My youngest son came over to visit today after last nights Halloween party. He got a permanent treat! It’s tribal. He has a necklace just like it. Hell if I know what it means. It makes me scared shitless terribly a bit nervous to think people are doing this at parties. To make money!luketat

As his mother, I did my best to keep him safe from injury. There was that one incident when he was two. If his brother wouldn’t have been a splasher in the tub. If my baby didn’t go running full steam ahead into the bathroom. If the floor wasn’t wet from wall to wall from splish splashy big brother. Poor baby wouldn’t have slipped and slammed his poor baby chin into the side of the tub. He was a trooper at the hospital. Actually he was scared stiff as a board as they stitched him up.

So my baby has a permanent scar. And then this! Why couldn’t he have done MOM in a big red heart? Well, because that just wouldn’t be cool now would it?

Love you scooter!!!


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