I “B” moving right along…

So “B” and I have been dating for over 2 months and although we live almost an hour apart and he works non stop, we have been able to see each other a couple times a week. But I have had a big problem with him keeping me a secret to his three daughters ages 16, 19 and 22.

Friday we were emailing back and forth with options for the weekend. His daughters were out of town and he invited me to “move in” for the weekend. I opted for coming over Saturday afternoon and taking off for home the next morning when he had to leave for Mount Pleasant. Friday evening he emails me that his oldest had popped in from 2 hours away. But he insisted we were still on for Saturday.

So when he called me Saturday morning I got a rather shocking surprise. He told his daughter he had dinner plans that night and would be busy the rest of the weekend and she would have to stay at her mom’s house. And I got to meet her when she came back to pick up her things! For a few seconds anyway. But it’s a start.

According to “B” when they got divorced, his ex pretty much alienated their daughters and “B” did most of the parenting.  He says that if he has someone the girls will fear losing him. He lives for his girls. It’s kind of sad that he seems to do his all for everyone else and doesn’t really take much time for himself.

I totally respect “B”s dedication to his kids. We should all have exes like that. HA! In our dreams.


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