Sometimes… at Artprize

Ok, my last post on the Grand Rapids Artprize is unusual. When we walked into this room, we found it full of  letter sized paper taped willy nilly on the walls with “sometimes…” quotes. Actually, there were two room full of these. I thought, ok, this is stupid. But then it totally sucked us in and we found ourselves reading as many and as fast as we could. It was weird. I mentioned it to my friend. A woman overheard me and agreed. It was so strange that something so simple had captivated us. I am sorry to the artist. I do not know your name. There was a recording on a loud speaker and a male voice was reciting all the quotes, which I assume was the artists. It was pretty cool that people had added to them, as far as they could reach up the walls.

ironic that this is out of focus

ironic that this is out of focus


sometimes2sometimes1Artprize was very successful it’s first year. It brought people in from all over the country. They are in the works planning Artprize 2010. I know they will do it better. It was so spread out, I didn’t feel it was fair to vote because I know I only saw a small part of it. But I totally loved every thing I saw! Awesome!


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