Ready for some football?


coloradoMy sis and I are hosting a Southern Living party on Friday and we had to get the goods. I called her last night and she said be at her house at 10am. So I arrive and she is still in her pajamas and insists she said eleven.  Pretty sure I can make out 2 syllables vs 1. So, as she is taking a shower and doing her hair and makeup I got stuck doing some of her Halloween decor. She is such an overachiever at the holidays. Her house looks like Halloween hacked up a big ol lugey. I am pretty excited about making something for the party that I have never made before, Mulled Cider with Captain Morgan spiced rum. Yum.

I rushed home due to “B” coming. To watch the Lions. I hate football but what a fun afternoon we had. He loved my chili and grilled cheese sandwiches even though I burnt one side because he was, um, distracting me. The Lions are the biggest losers. I would rather watch dust collect. But Denver! I have a new favorite team. And a helmet with a horse on it has my vote every. single. time. The retro jerseys were a bit much. I think it was their socks that upset me.

I recently found out that “B” grew up in Colorado and has family there still. And that he is quite the horticulturist. I recently aquired a Z Z plant that needed repotting very badly. He not only noticed it was new but mentioned the pot being to big. LOL. When I was at his house I was impressed how healthy his plants were. I can’t grow a rubber tree. I have tried several times. I kill them. His is beautiful. Wierd.


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