Grand Rapids Artprize

Yesterday I ventured into the big city to visit  “B” and check out the huge event going on in Grand Rapids. Although we had no desire to fight the crowds, “B” was willing to chauffeur me around so I could capture some of the outside exhibits. This is the first time GR has done this. You can vote online for your fav and top prize is a whopping 250,000 buckaroos. You can check it out here . There are over 1,200 artists, most of them hidden in buildings with every form of art imaginable.

artprizetableWhen I saw this giant table and chairs on the local news, I had to see it in person. It’s set up on the blue walking bridge downtown. GR is nick named “Furniture City” and I thought the artist portrayed it well.

nessieI kicked off my shoes, jumped out of the car and ran down to the Grand River to get the 1st two shots. Most of the time “B” would just stop, mid traffic, so I could take a photo. We only got honked at once. He is an expert at shoot-and-run photography, his work requires pictures of houses. He actually worked on the way and shot a couple house fronts and one foreclosure that required inside shots.


I must find out if that was a real person perched up on top of this giant easel!


There were blueman cutouts with maps to the art venues set up in the area.


Artists even painted on buildings.



Someone even painted the grass. I must give her extra credit for effort, there is a wedding scheduled in this park next weekend so the paint will be removed and then reapplied for the rest of the event which ends on Oct. 10.




Wonder why Michigan gets such a bad rap about the bad roads? There is major “stimulus” dollars being used for GR, construction all over but obviously they didn’t have time to fix up the downtown before the show.


This guy cracked me up. He decided that our Upper Peninsula looks like a rabbit and has made a statement with it. I wonder if it will catch on.


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