Good Old Fashioned County Fair

My favorite part of the County Fair is the animals. Especially the 4-H horses. I love horses. I have owned two. The first one died while being trained. Sad. But. True. I got a saddle for Christmas that year but never got to ride him. His name was Flame and my grandmother gave him to me when I was about 14. My family lived in town so he was kept at my grandparents farm about 30 minutes away. He was born on their farm. When I was 16 we moved to a small farm in the country. I was working by then and bought my Appaloosa. His name was Mr. Appy’s Joker. So at the fair guess where I headed… I loved this beautiful horse.


A  friend of mine captured a few photos for me with her phone.



I didn’t go on a single ride this year. We were just too busy feeding our faces with food made of grease and making excuses that we were too full to get spun around and jerked upside down. I think being old may also have something to do with it. The weather has been perfect. It usually rains and is quite chilly fair week. I regret missing out on the bumper cars. Nothing says fair more than smashing into your buddies vehicles at 1/2 mile an hour!


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