Shipshewana Fleas

It was so-so at the flea market this time. I think I would have preferred going into the shops in town but my sisters feet couldn’t handle anymore walking. We pretty much covered the whole thing but didn’t do alot of big item purchases like last year. I got this bag on wheels to carry my loot because it was pretty and the bag I had was getting heavy. It was marked $8.95 but was a little dirty and asked if they had any more with this pattern, which I loved. She said no and offered $5. SOLD. But if you notice in the photo, I ran a wheel clean off it and didn’t even notice until we were almost back to the car. Sissy offered to backtrack and look for it but I knew her legs were begging no.


I don’t exactly know why this trip was such a disappointment. It may have been the lack of Amish folk and more of a bunch of Orientals that didn’t bother putting down their cell phones long enough to ring up my purchases. They were very nice otherwise.

I have a problem with crocs. I don’t care how comfortable they are. They are fricken garden shoes. And I wouldn’t wear them in my garden because I think my flowers would die. My flowers are happy with my bare feet or my garden sandals. When I saw these, I thought they would be a perfect gift for “B”. So… the next time he wears his prized crocs to my house and leaves them at the door like he does, he will find crock bling when he leaves.


I used the pediegg tonight and I am happy with it. I really need to get to the store to buy food to try the new bags out. Would be cool to have bananas last 9 days as it claims. They were a buck each.


My favorite purchase was at the very first vender. It’s a lime green zip up hoodie with blingbling!!!


This is the back and the front has a smaller one just like it. Perfect for our cool nights here in Michigan.  I looked at a few quilts but didn’t really think it was a wise purchase. I am in the middle of making one and need to get my butt going before the cold weather hits! Other than that I bought some wood balls for my flower doll heads, a couple cutting mats and some other misc stuff that would bore the crocs off the internet.



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