Goodbye, My Love

summer1for months you have caressed my skin, your cooling breath softening the heat of your passion. I will miss the power of your sunshine, penetrating my flesh and painting it bronze.

Picture 054saddened by your warm tears running down my face, your erotic explosions of thunder loud and furious. your flashes of light brightening my universe. ending with your magnificent colors shaped in a giant arch in the sky.
summer3I will miss your late nights, enticed by the fireflies poetic dance. the stars twinkling a galaxy away. the heat of a warm fire in your twilight, kissing my skin on your chilly eves.

you leave me cold and lonely. a hidden desire to transform and escape, to follow you, my love. to make you mine forever. quiet, desperate wishes to be touched by you all year. in a anxious few months you will return to me. once again I will soak you in my desire.


looking forward to our next intimate encounter. Goodbye summer. See you next year!


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