A dinner date

Last night I invited “B” over for dinner. I made salad, million dollar spaghetti (a layered dish similar to lasagna) and dark chocolate no bakes for dessert. We watched an old Netflix movie- Chances Are with Cybil Sheppard and Robert Downey Jr. It was ok, but not a movie I would recommend.

“B” is a sweetheart. We always have a great time together and he thanked me several times for making a special dinner for him. Because he works for himself, he sets his own hours and I suppose that is good but he seems to work non stop. Often when I email him, he emails right back because he is always at his computer doing appraisals. And when he’s not, he is either out having dinner with his daughters or taking photos of  houses for appraisals. I almost feel guilty pulling him away from his work because somewhere in the next day he has to play catchup.

“B”  has some health issues. It scares the hell out of me. Two heart attacks. Wow. Five stents to keep the arteries open. He carries nitro glycerin. He smokes. And coughs alot… like my dad, who died of lung cancer nine years ago. “B” told me he quit smoking two weeks before he got married back in the day, a wedding present for his new wife. He didn’t smoke for seven years. Then she started cheating. So sad. His stress level rose and he started up again.

I can’t say anything, I smoke too. I am quitting. I am going to our med center next week and getting Zyban. I quit on that before. The stress got to me too. There was a time after I divorced their dad,  that my sons hated each other. At one point, they got into a fist fight and my older son broke his hand punching my younger son in the face. In the ER the doctor asked how my other son was. He figured his facial bones had to be shattered. The kid has bones of steel I tell you. Once, I was walking behind him barefoot, stubbed my foot on his heel and broke my little pinky toe! Growing up he was not even a milk drinker. The next day I bought a pack of smokes. And haven’t stopped since.

Now that my chain smoking roommate has moved out, I am going to focus on staying busy, exercising a bunch and quitting that disgusting habit before it kills me too. I CAN DO IT! Wish me luck, gonna need all the luck and will power I can muster.

God help me I don’t get fat!



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