Momma needed a new pair of shoes

A friend and I went to a sidewalk sale on the lakeshore today. wow what fun. It did rain on our parade a bit early on but ended up being a nice sunny day. I spent more than I had intended but this so-called friend of mine talked me into some sandals. I don’t even like shoes but my office requires them. And I can guarantee you they were marked down drastically. I paid her back by talking her into some blingshoes at another shop. I would have purchased them instead but I had already used more than all my shoe dollars earlier. So without further ado? adue? or something, I present my 60 dollar shoes!


 When I got home and took them out of the box, I found two satin bags, apparently to store my new costly friends. I wore them around PC for a while and found out I won’t  may not fall flat out at work. Very comfortable for giant shoes. I am 5’7 “, not tall by any means but I will tower over most people now. I have the power in these babies! And “B” will be a little shorter too.

Is anyone out there on the peace sign kick again? I sure am. And my friend, she is such a good friend, finds me all the cool stuff. Is it because she likes me or because deep down she secretly thinks I will look like a dork? So, a shirt and a belt. There is a glare going on but if you look at the top there are silver peace signs, my pretties!


this pic is for my blog friend Memory, I think she will get a kick out of it. A plastic sign for work, a little birdie, a fob? for hanging my ID card at work. It has little daisies on it and probably clashes with my new shoes!


To top the day off, we have the annual tradition of going to a local watering hole. The Red Dock is on the water. Very nice place to have their secret recipe rum punch. They raised their prices again. 14 buckaroos for 2 plastic cups filled with ice is a bit much but the tradition lives on.


RD1Thanks girlfriend, had a great time as usual!


4 thoughts on “Momma needed a new pair of shoes

  1. I wish I could come hang with you at that Red Dock! Looks so cool! Love the sign. 🙂 And the shoes, I love a shoe deal. I am on a shoe and handbag diet. With J moving in, I have less storage. Heh. Bummer.

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