oh yes, ACDC is my all time favorite band. But I have never seen them perform. Last night was awesome. The warm up band was The Answer and they rocked as well. We had the best seats, first row off the floor to the right of the stage. Of course we stood up and danced the whole concert. My gawd, that Angus can play the guitar. WOWOW!!! What a weirdo with that burgundy schoolboy velvet cap, jacket and shorts. He stripped down to just shorts after a while, he was sweating like a pig. Actually we all were. At one point he turned around, pulled down his shorts and mooned us with ACDC boxers.


Brian killed (in a good way) You Shook Me All Night Long. My fav of all favorite dance tunes. They sang 5 or 6 off their new CD Black Ice and rocked to many of the older tunes. I took many phone camera photos but I never got the plug in thing for the computer and they are low quality. I was so impressed that they rocked hard for well over 2 hours without any break.

ACDC shirt

I really wanted the black tshirt but they only had a medium and this is an extra large. Extra large little girls shirt I guess because I am not a big girl and this thing is pretty danged tight. Oh well…

I am in love with this quiet dude who just stood in the background mostly, coming up a few times to sing back up. I don’t think he even noticed me drooling over him!

cliff williams

I even have a lunch box. I use it  for work. I didn’t take a picture but this is the front of it. If you are a die hard rocker, I strongly suggest seeing these guys. They work very hard for their fans and won’t disappoint!


I would like to thank my friend Krystal for getting the tickets, sharing the tappas and Sangria pitcher (yum) and fighting the traffic to get us there. And  Jim for helping pick out the awesome seats. Thanks Dudes, YOU ALL TOTALLY ROCK MY WORLD!


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