A date and a scare

I dated “B” back in the day. I had decided he had more going on in his life than I was ready to deal with. He has been divorced for 10 years and has three daughters. They are his life. With them and his work it seems he has very little room for anyone else. Trouble is, I was/am very attracted to him. I love a tall man. The guy is 6’5″! I hadn’t seen him in over 4 years. He looked very hot. Except for the crocs. But he was smart enough to wear his navy blue shirt to match his navy.blue.crocs. He is such a great person and we laughed through dinner, shopped the mall a bit and  decided to see a movie. Unfortunately we would have had to wait for another hour so, he suggested going back to his place. After pondering it a bit I decided, what the heck.

I trust him. We watched the Tigers game and that was fine with me, only because it’s the only sport I love and I live in the black hole of my town and can’t get cable at Poverty Corner. They won last night! He showed me his office in the basement, which is where he works. He has his own business. I had never been to his home and was pleasantly surprised at how clean it was. He had added a TV room that was very cool and he did it himself. He even has a green house off his garage. Of course it was filled with man crap. He told me he was going to sell it and buy a condo in the next year. I don’t blame him. Old Poverty Corner is getting more than too much work for me. Thankfully my sons have been helping me out with the yard work. They work for food.

On the way back to the mall to drop me off at my car, I expressed concern about feeling safe in his city at night. The kind of fright that makes me want to lock the car door when no one is looking. It was around 11:00 and the streets were alive with cars bumping huge amounts of bass. I live in a small rural area and there is very little crime. “B” starts talking about how much safer his city is. And how much easier it would be to break into a home in the country. It started freaking me out knowing I was going home to an empty house. I have never hit a deer but they roam at night. My cell phone was sitting on the table at home so I had no way to call for help. I know, hard to imagine going out and forgetting the most important accessory. “B” brought up the drunks who take the country roads home so the cops don’t catch them. When I think back, I think he was trying to scare me into spending the night with him. Ha! Yeah right. I was extra careful on my drive home. And this is what I find.


At first it almost looked like it was wet and then I was scared shitless. I really thought someone attempted a break in and perhaps my chicken turned dog had scared them off  HAHAHAHA! I called “B”. I figured if nothing else, I could blame him for jinxing me. I contemplated calling the cops. Nothing was missing. After my nerves calmed a bit I decided I would take photos and stop by my insurance company on Monday. But I still was a bit on edge. I called my oldest son. He’s so smart. He asked me if it was broken on the inside or outside. Of course, double paned glass. duh! I checked outside and nothing was damaged. It was only the inside. I have no idea how it could have happened. My dog couldn’t have done that. The door is like 20 something years old. Do these things just burst with old age? Possibly the heat? It was fine at 3:00. Spider webbed 8.5 hours later. And right now I can hear all kinds of crackling noises. Pretty sure I have $500 deductible on the home owners. Thankfully we have a big company bonus next week. I was kind of wanting to buy something pretty for me! ah the perils of the homeowner.


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