Blueberry Festival!

Today my sister and I took a ride to the lakeshore. It was hot people. Like almost 100 degrees!  The venders had a bad day yesterday, torrential rains, and I felt so sorry for them having to sit in todays heat. Then after I got home there was all kinds of weather warnings of the storms coming off Lake Michigan, right at them. Most likely as they trying to pack it all up. Geez. We had to park and walk about a mile to get where we wanted to go. The park where the arts and crafts booths were. Thankfully most were in the shade and there was a slight breeze. One particular item caught my eye right away.


I loved it and it had to be mine. We walked the booths and came back and it was still there! A bit overpriced perhaps ($25) but I hadn’t made a single purchase, other than ice tea and decided to buy it. The lady was so nice she chased us down to exchange birds because the one I had was broken. I hadn’t even noticed! My sister walked out totally empty handed. We stopped at Clementines for margaritas and appetizers on the walk back to the car. They have these awesome, huge onion rings they stack on a wooden pole. Yum…

it's a wire cloche, with a bird, in a plant!

it's a wire cloche, with a bird, in a plant!

The plant is an angel vine and requires full sun and lots of water. I hope I don’t kill it. I know most of you out there hate wood paneling, but my husband (at the time) put these knotty pine tongue and groove boards up 25 years ago and I am not ready to think about painting it. Only because I do not want to strip it if I decide I want the wood back. Painted furniture goes good with it. Especially black. The table it’s sitting on in this photo, is half moon shaped with curved black legs. I have great plans of tiling the top.

I had intended on bringing my camera to show you all the Festival but forgot it and glad I did. One less thing to carry in the heat.  Just as we were getting ready to cross the draw bridge, they raised it to let a sailboat through. Pretty cool.

now on the dining room table, hope it gets enough light

now on the dining room table, hope it gets enough light

and no, I didn’t buy any blueberries. I buy all my blueberries from a girl at work that has a big farm. They are huge and so sweet. I am a very loyal customer to her!



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