Repurpose a Candle Holder

I have a little project to share today. I bought this candle holder at Hobby Lobby sometime ago and decided to jazz it up a little. First I glued a big nail in the hole in the top. step2


I used some red silk roses I already had. I like the fake rain drops. I pushed one set of leaves up next to the petals and cut off all but about an inch of the stem. I poked a foam ball into the nail and started pushing the roses in. I don’t know if it matters but I started at the top and worked my way around and down.



This is such an easy project and I love it. I do think it needs a bigger ball but it’s ok for now and I used all my roses anyway.  Because I didn’t glue the roses or the ball this can be changed out at anytime. Next time I may even add a candle in the center!



21 thoughts on “Repurpose a Candle Holder

    • thank you so much Nancy, I am just getting started here, slowly but surely. Got loads to share. Just need more time in my day!

    • thank you Kimba, 1st post on your DYI and it was fun. Can’t wait to share what else I have been working on. Been lurking on your blog for months. Love all the great ideas you and all the others share. Fun stuff.
      thanks again,

  1. thanks to all of your kind comments. I will try to keep up with all of you and all the great ideas I see here in blog land. It has been so much fun seeing all of the creativity!

    • thank you so much! I love easy but cool projects. Especially when I used stuff I already had. If you do post your project can you give me a bit of credit please?

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