Work and the Lottery

I work for a very large company. Today, I had a gazillion things to accomplish in 8 hours and our server crashed BIG TIME. I did some odds and ends and went home feeling like crap. Not because of the server. I get paid by the hour and if it doesn’t get done, blame it on technology, not me. My oldest son and I had gotten into a phone argument as I was getting ready to leave. I hate that my sons struggle. They are good kids but lost in this economy. Neither make enough money to pay their bills. Dang credit card companies. How dare they give two irresponsible man/boys plastic.

My sister called me yesterday. She told me to go buy lottery tickets. She had a dream that I won 84 MILLION dollars. While she was driving home later that day, she saw a billboard with a lottery update. It was up to 84 MILLION dollars. So I went out and bought 5 tickets. Wish me luck! The drawing is later tonight.

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One thought on “Work and the Lottery

  1. The lottery thing is hilarious, I hope you win!!!! I remember when I worked in an big office and the whole computer network went down. They sent us all home after a few hours when it was apparent nothing was going to be fixed that day. I loved it.

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