The Barn Fire

In my previous post I told you about the fire across the street from Poverty Corner. This happened in March but  I am new here and I am a firm believer in sharing old excitement. Because of my lack of  having anything better to do on a Sunday afternoon in the country, I took some photos of this unfortunate incident. Notice her lawn looks mowed and aweful dry but in reality, everyones lawns look like this in March. In Michigan.


Awe, look at the owner between the trees to the left. So nice of her to wave bye bye to her barn. Actually I think she is blaming the fireman for not getting there soon enough to save her hot tub. But then, I suppose I would have put the animals in the barn and put the hot tub anywhere else.


Just love a man with a big hose. geez, I am so sorry, but ya know, no action here at PC in a very long time! 

and now, five months later…minus some scrap metal that she must have sold to some men with heavy equipment. ahem…look what a little rain and some sun does for us, nice lawn eh? The sad part is, this woman does not work and this is her “summer” home. Her and her parents used to come up here from Chicago every weekend and spend the whole time making the place all pretty. And in one of those buildings was a rad mower that hovered over that steep bank in the front. I have a steep bank too and really could have had some big time fun with that!




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