Older by the minute


I am a big facebook addict. Alot of my friends are all excited about next year. Why? Because we are celebrating our 40th Allegan High School class reunion. When I say we, I say them. I didn’t attend our 30th. I attended our 15th and swore I would never ever again. But I am beginning to bend. And I have a year to ponder the idea of seeing some that I haven’t seen in 40 years.



Black Rock Medival Festival



I went to my first Renaissance Faire. Great fun. We didn’t stay for the Jousting although, if you know me, I love a horse. And a man in shining armour would have made it all that more special but 2.5 hours was enough. I thoroughly enjoyed the birds of prey and we did get to see some shiny men sword fighting. (think WWE with armour)





So yeah, this grizzly dude must have been sweating bullets under there. A sweltering 85 degrees in the shade in Augusta MI that day. I hope to explore a bigger venue in the future. This was my “break in” of Ren Fests.

Oh, We got lost on the way home. So lost that we were going down roads that were narrow and dusty and I thought for sure that some freaky monster was going to jump out and get us. Yep, THAT LOST

Poverty Dead End!


Ha! I have moved to the end of a cul-de-sac. Do I love it? Not so much.

BUT I do love the man who rescued me from the single life. well…in a relationship, not married. yet…not 100% sure we will ever go there but ya never know.

The homestead is not what I would have dreamed of. I can’t even have a goat (that’s a joke because we live in an association that rules what we can do with our own property). Not a fan. We pay $300 dues a year for the snow plowing. Everything else we have to take care of.

We are happy for the most part. And Skeeter and his life Amanda purchased Poverty Corner so it all worked out for the most part. and Scooter lives there too. Everyone is back to their hometown. Yay!

ArtPrize 2011 – Oh yes I did!


I tore an ad out of a magazine of while back and vowed it would be my Halloween costume one day. Then I saw this at ArtPrize.

So yeah, I had to do it! And there is a reason why. Someone at work came up with the bright idea to keep us from being disturbed as we do our paperwork. We have to put this caution tape up across our cubical doorway. It attaches with magnets. I am rather embarrassed with it all. Does it work? Hell No. My BOSS actually broke through the tape to take photos of me in my get-up. irritating. My biggest pet peeve is all these people making all these ridicules rules and then breaking them daily. Whatever. Good thing I make good money!

So my friend Karen and I did it. She was more of the Bob the Builder dude. We were a hit. She wrapped her tape around a belt. Her hat says Artist at Work. Well, yes, we are artists! Graphic artists. Mine, I sewed most of it, but when it came to the top I ended up using staples. It’s kinda a throw away costume. But it made a Monday at work a bit more enjoyable.